Sanchez got Barca favorite?

Alexis Sanchez

Where Alexis Sanchez will anchor next season seems more and see a bright spot after Udinese claimed to have been taking care of its star's move to Barcelona.

"Sanchez and his agent, Fernando Felicevich, has reached an agreement with Barcelona also worth three euros per season," said club president Franco Soldati told Chilean newspaper La Tercera, who launched the Italian Football.

Sanchez was in the middle of last season became hot property in the transfer market looks bright associated with Udinese this season. Duet with Antonio in Il Natale brought Zebrette to qualify for the Champions League qualifiers next season.

So a kind of European clubs Inter Milan, Juventus, Manchester United and Manchester City after his signature. But Barca was the one who was lucky to get it.

However, Barca Sanchez has not fully get. There are still some personal details that must be resolved. So at the latest according to Soldati, Sanchez can only be landed at the Camp Nou next month.

"But that does not mean he will join them, but we know what players want and aware to him," he continued.

"We expect to finish everything for the good players, but I think this process can not be resolved before the end of June.

"We have no purpose to talk with Barca, but the negotiations had only begun. If they pay according to what we want, then no problem.

"Barcelona is the favorite, then there is Juventus and Inter. Three clubs are interested Sanchez. We are optimistic the transfer would be completed and will soon meet the wishes of the players, "he concluded.

Sanchez price estimated around 30 million euros. Not only get money for it, Udinese plans to get Bojan Krkic on loan.