Male Sperm Production Still Abundant Today

Male Sperm Production Still Abundant Today

Sperm production is believed to be down 50 percent globally so that makes men worry hard impregnate his partner. But now the data certainly is not valid, because the sperm count had not changed much in 15 years.

Concerns that the men of today will be increasingly difficult to impregnate their partners triggered by the Danish research scientists, Dolores Lamb in 1992. The observations between the years 1938-1991 show the number of sperm produced by men continues to be reduced by 50 percent.

Research facilitated by the Baylor College of Medicine is revealed, the consumption of drugs and the high level of pollution also trigger a reduction in sperm production. In contrast, male reproductive disorders is increasing one testicular cancer.

Although very horrendous and has been quoted in more than 1,000 journals reproduction, criticisms and doubts of experts also came from fellow reproduction. Dr. Niels Erik Skakkebaek who is also from Denmark for example, assess the methods in this study less valid.

Together with his team at the University of Copenhagen, Dr Skakkebaek conduct similar research with methods that have been updated. Total sample more, about 5,000 men and observed a period long enough that between the years 1996-2010.

Observations for 15 years shows, the average number of sperm produced by a man not much changed, ie between 40-45 million / mL. Excerpted from the NYTimes, on Tuesday (08/06/2011), the lowest record in 2006 which printed 35 million / mL, whereas most of the year 2007 that is 50 million / mL.

This research report has been published in the journal that published the latest Epidemology in the United States. The report was not written solely by Dr. Skakkebaek as the initiators, but rather by the Danish government after the data leaked by another researcher that Dr Jens Peter bonde.