Recognize disturbances in thyroid gland

Recognize disturbances in thyroid gland

The thyroid gland may not be a special concern for the community. But there are some problems that can occur in this gland and if left unchecked can lead to chronic complications.

The thyroid is a gland located in front of the neck is shaped like a butterfly and is often easy to be touched. This gland produces thyroid hormones that stimulate the metabolic function of cells in the body.

"Thyroid disease is divided into two, dealing with the size of the gland (eg, enlarged) and disturbances in hormonal production (eg, excessive or lack of)," said dr Suharko Soebardi, SpPD-KEMD in a press conference Enhance Public Awareness Case Against Metabolic and endocrine to Prevent Chronic Complications resulting, at the Hotel Nikko Jakarta, Wednesday (08/06/2011).

dr Suharko said thyroid disease experienced by women more than men (up to 5-7 times as much) and represent the majority of endocrine disease.

Here are some disorders that can occur in the thyroid gland are:

Thyroid nodules
This condition occurs because of a lump in the thyroid gland. This lump can be numbered one (single nodule) or more (multinodul goiter). The lump that appears likely due to:

Cyst containing fluid
Adenoma or benign tumor degenerate
Slow-growing adenoma
Malignancies that can cause thyroid cancer (the case in small quantities)

"Most cases of malignancy is higher in males, and if the thyroid has been removed so he must take medication for life because nothing else can produce thyroid hormone in the body," he said.

Suharko dr said this condition is usually only found when someone is in the mirror and found a lump in the neck front.

This condition occurs because of an overactive thyroid gland produces hormones that amount circulating in the blood become excessive. The reason could be due to Graves' disease, an abnormal expense of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid gland) and excessive iodine intake.

Symptoms include excessive sweating, weight loss, tremor, anxiety, tidaktoleran to heat, fatigue, decreased concentration, bulging eyes (like going out) and irregular periods or less.

This condition occurs because the thyroid gland produces hormones in small amounts or low. The reason could be due to pituitary disease, drugs, destruction of the thyroid and severe iodine deficiency.

Presenting symptoms include depression, fatigue, tidaktoleransi to cold, dry skin and hair, increased cholesterol levels, heart rate decreased, the concentration decreased and the pain or vague pain.

"Usually people are not aware of the symptoms that arise, if heart palpitations are not considered, such as bulging eyes only realized if there is a friend of rebuke," said dr Suharko.

dr Suharko disclose this hormonal disorders can occur for a lifetime, although at certain times can return to normal hormone levels but no one knows the cause of these hormonal disturbances reappeared.