Triton Bay

A. Overview

West Papua is one of porvinsi in Indonesia, which has a tremendous wealth of the sea. One of the potential of the sea that can be used as tourist attractions found in Kaimana. Behind the simplicity and hospitality of its inhabitants, the district has an area of ​​18,500 km2, the sea there is a tourist area known as Triton Bay.

Triton Bay is a new tourist potential in Kaimana. To develop it into an international tourist destination, local authorities (government) took the local Conservation International Indonesia (CII) to jointly develop the tourism potential that is owned by Triton Bay.

B. Feature

Like other territorial waters of Papua Island, the Gulf of Triton offers the beauty of the amazing underwater. This Gulf of storing wealth in the form of fish and coral reefs are diverse. In this area, there are 937 species of fish, where 14-16 of them, a new species. There are also 492 species of coral that six of them also a new type.

Besides watching the marine wealth, the visitors also will be fascinated by the existence of dolphins and whales, who crowded to play in between the islands scattered around Triton.

Click amazed visitors will not stop at the beauty of the waters of the Gulf of Triton alone. Because, in the village of Mai-Mai, visitors can see the painting on limestone cliffs as high as tens of meters. Red lines are etched on the wall of the forming of human motives, plants, reptiles, fish, and various forms of which are still mysteries. This painting as if to tell you about the behavior of ancient indigenous communities and also illustrates the variety of animals at the time. Until now, no one knows for sure, when and who mengguratkan murals that stand upright on some small island Triton Gulf region. However, the Department of Tourism and Culture Kaimana ensure that the painting is a relic mesolitikum.

C. Location

Kaimana, West Papua province, Indonesia.

D. Access

Towards Kaimana can use the ferry from Jakarta with travel time for 5 day trip. Air Access can be reached in about 8 hours to 10 hours. Arriving in the capital Kaiman, visitors can continue the journey to the Gulf of Triton by using government-owned speedboat Kaimana, or longboat owned local people. Long journey by ship, the fastest took about 45 minutes, depending on the weather.

E. Ticket Prices

To enter this area, visitors are not charged admission. However, visitors must first obtain permission from the Department of Education and Tourism or the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources. In addition, visitors also need to coordinate first with the CII to be introduced to traditional leaders or local community. Thus, at the location, visitors are not driven by them.

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

Triton in the Gulf region, there are three custom-based cottage is quite unique. Unique because they are made with wood, not least the walls are taking the main ingredient of the bark. Compiler framework and the wall does not use nails or other metal materials, but in ways or certain techniques based on local skills passed down by their ancestors.