Meet new band ” The Hot Pursuit

Meet new band ” The Hot Pursuit
Meet new band ” The Hot Pursuit “. The band is from Manchester in the UK and are a new up and coming music band. The band has 4 members Tommy Byatt, Louie Kellar, Ben Saville and Jamie Kingsley. The band was formed in January 2011 and signed to management in February 2011. The band were discovered by new management group Classic Level Media Management who thought they had amazing talent. We caught up with the boys to see what all the gossip was about!

Q1: What is The Hot Pursuit?:
Tommy- The Hot Pursuit is our band, its coming up soon, we’re gonna rock, there’s not any other band like us in our age group so we got a new twist for the music industry, looking up beat!

Ben – We are The Hot Pursuit. Were an up and coming indie/pop rock band and are aim is to bring a new teen band into the music business. We aim to bring a new twist to teen music with also a new 21st century style.

Jamie – The Hot Pursuit is an up-and-coming band consisting of Tommy, Louie, Ben and myself. We aim to try and show the world something entirely new in a young Brit punk/Indie/pop rock band.

Louie- The Hot Pursuit consist of four members which all bring our own unique style to the band creating a sound complete new.

Q2: Who plays what in the band?:
Tommy – well I’m rocking out on vocals and a bit of guitar here and there.

Ben-I play drums and percussion in general, i am one of few drummers under the age of 16 to reach grade eight on drums and feel that i have great talent and potential for the future considering i have only been playing drums for around 3 years now.

Jamie – Me and Louie alternate in lead and rhythm guitar parts as we are both of similar talent, having played guitar for around two and a half years. I prefer to stick to a more crunchy sound with delay for most songs, although sometimes I use a cleaner sound for slower songs.

Louie- i play guitar and bring a unique sound to our music with catchy riffs and chord patterns.

Q3: How did the band get formed?:
Tommy – the other 3 were together for a long time, and then i came up with an idea to start a band, so i did and it got popular quick and i was all for it, then these 3 came along and we thought why not.

Ben- well myself Jamie and Louie had been together since around 2 years ago but sadly we didn’t have a singer, then Tommy contacted us about starting a band so were took the opportunity and here we are today.

Jamie – Ben, Louie and I had had a band going for a couple of years before we discovered Tommy. He was a singer in search of a band, and we were a band in search of a singer, so naturally we recruited him, and things led on from there.

Louie- we all good mates and go to the same school so forming a band seemed like the natural thing to do

Q4: What bands do you look up too?:
Tommy – There’s a few i like allot, Beatles, Beady Eye and busted, it’s all about busted!

Ben- we look up to a number of bands including 30 seconds to mars, Beatles, beady eye and busted.

Jamie – Personally, I believe I’ve taken a lot of influence from Lostprophets, Sum 41, Bloc Party and certain Slipknot songs. As a band, I would say that we are heavily influenced by bands such as Busted, although certain guitar riffs mimic Bloc Party or Two Door Cinema Club.

Louie- i am a major fan of Phoenix, Two door cinema club , Oasis, Mumford and sons, 30 seconds to mars and I’m largely influenced by Bloc party

Q5: Where did you come up with the band name?:
Tommy – i was on this game on my phone and i thought it was a cool name so i tweeked it a little and thought i’ll have that for the band, it came down to a few last ideas and i thought I’m having that one.

Ben- well Tommy came up with the band name after playing a game, so he put his own little twist on the name and came up with the name for the band.

Jamie/Louie – Tommy had originally presented the name idea to us, and we readily agreed to use it for the band. He later told us that he had been given inspiration for it by a game, but the name still stuck as we knew we would not be restricted by copyrights.

Q7: Are yous a hit with the ladies?:

Tommy – i dunno to be fair, ever since it has started its got bigger with girls so that’s cool, i hope it keeps going. Were all liking it!

Ben- ever since the band has started the attention that we’ve all got from the ladies has rocketed sky high, i think i speak for us all when i say were loving every minute of it.

Jamie – Before the band started, I can fairly say that not many girls would look twice at me, although now that the band is getting a little recognition that seems to have changed! As a band, I think I could safely say that we are reasonably popular among the females!

Louie- i hope so because i am loving the attention from all are female fans.

Q8: What songs would you like to cover?:
Tommy – we all wanna cover different stuff by the looks of it, so it’s something new every time, that’s quite cool to be honest. I wanna do the busted stuff but i dunno if it would work.

Ben- we all want to cover a variety of songs by different artists but mainly by bands such as Busted and 30 seconds to mars.

Jamie – I would personally like to cover Indie rock songs like Hunting For Witches by Bloc party, although as a band I think we are more led to cover more upbeat songs by bands such as 30 Seconds To Mars or Busted.

Louie- i would love to cover a more poppy song like Usher Dj got us falling in love again but put are own unusual twist to it.

Q9: What can we see from the band over the next year?:
Tommy – alot! That’s all I’m saying to be fair, but it’s looking good, i hope we keep it up. We’re looking to build up the reputation of the band fast, competitions and a few gigs, we’re all for it!

Ben-were hoping to keep on gaining fans and rising up the ladder, we aim to enter competitions and play more gigs as this is really what we want to do for the rest of our lives so expect big things from us in the coming future.

Jamie – Fingers crossed you’ll be seeing an awful lot! Things seem to be looking up for us, with interviews and all sorts, although not much is guaranteed just yet. I’m hoping that this year will see us shine and rise in popularity. Our stage presence needs a bit of work, but hopefully we’ll have some gigs which will help to gain our confidence onstage!

Louie- were looking to hit it big and try to triple are fan base, as well as realise are first album. We’re looking to do lots of gigs and build on are stage presence. Look out here comes The Hot Pursuit!

Q10: What are the official links?!/TheHotPursuit
We are currently working on an official THP website too, which hopefully will be ready very soon.