Mansinam Island Papua Indonesia

Mansinam Island Papua Indonesia
A. Overview

Mansinam Island is an island covering an area of ​​410.97 hectares located in the Gulf Doreh, south of Manokwari regency, West Papua province, Indonesia. About 154 years ago, precisely on February 5, 1855, two German evangelist, CW Ottow and Johann Gottlob Geissler, set foot for the first time on the island of Mansinam. The two missionaries arrived on the island of Mansinam, after going through a very long journey. By using the Abel Tasman ship, they sailed the ocean across the Cape of Good Hope, Batavia, Makassar, Ternate, and finally arrived on the island of Mansinam in 1855.

Since the arrival of two men, Mansinam Island became an important point for proclaiming the Gospel in Papua. On this island, for the first time Papuan Christian. The first church in Papua, which is the Church of Hope (Krek der Hopen), also built on this island. Church built in 1864 until now still maintained the authenticity of its architecture.

Not only the starting point spread of Christianity, Island Mansinam also be the beginning of the entry of a formal education in Papua. Attendance C.W. Ottow with his wife, a daughter of Papua has a school for the first time in 1857. In that year, Mrs. Ottow open a girls' school in Kwawi (Manokwari), by using one room in his house as a class.
B. Feature

Until now, various historical relics on the entry of Christianity in Papua is still there on the island Mansinam. Once entering Mansinam Island, visitors are greeted with a memorial inscription of the cross with a height of several meters. This memorial, surrounded by a locked fence. But if you like, visitors can ask for help to the caretaker, to lock the gate opened. Because, other than as a memorial, the inscription of the cross is also functioned as a tourist attraction. In addition, there are many more remains of the spread of other Christian religions. Like the dormitory and the old well made by Ottow and Geissler. Water from these old wells, often used to baptize.

Mansinam Island Papua Indonesia
In addition to the many heritage trail, Mansinam Island is also an island very attractive to be a place of natural attractions. On the island, visitors can perform activities such as swimming or boating. If you want a more challenging, visitors can do snorkeling. In addition to enjoying the beauty beneath the sea, visitors can also see some old wreck, which is found in the bottom waters of the Gulf Doreh.

Mansinam Island Papua Indonesia
C. Location

Mansinam Island is located in the Gulf Doreh, Manokwari, West Papua province, Indonesia. From Manokwari mainland, the island Mansinam only about six kilometers.

D. Access

Of Manokwari regency, tourists can cross to the island via the Coast Kwawi Mansinam. From this beach, crossing to the island Mansinam can be done using traditional boat or a long boat. For ferry that takes about 10-15 minutes, the tourists will be charged a fee of USD $ 3000.00-USD $ 5000.00 per person (March 2009).

E. Ticket Prices

To enter the island, visitors are not charged any fees.

F. Accommodation and Other Facilitie

For visitors who feel not enough to circle the island Mansinam in one day, do not worry. On this island, there is a comfortable hotel with views overlooking the beach.