The Jayhawks 'New bands 2011'

The Jayhawks 'New bands 2011'With the new album mostly completed, and the release of recently expanded (and remastered) reissues record their beloved Hollywood Town Hall and Tomorrow the Green Grass, Jayhawks have managed to captivate the music world once again. With a long reconciliation collaborator Gary Louris and Mark Olson, the new band members are inspired and rejuvenated, and they clearly have an audience eagerly awaiting them, as evidenced by how quickly small tour in the U.S. they have sold out (ave First opening night sold out as well, but there are still tickets available for the newly added second show). Fans can expect a thorough examination of both classic albums, spread over the stand two nights, and sprinkled with lots of new songs, the group felt really positive about. Set this show, and release a new record (which should be out anytime this summer), should cause both fans and critics as to shift their focus back to the music, the stately elegance that the Jayhawks made??, not their tempestuous history. Twin Cities music fans have been dreaming of this reunion patient management for some time now, and is expected to show only the beginning of a period, long productive to accept when a band really worth extended in the sun. With the Rogue Valley. 21 + Saturday 18 + Sunday. $ 30. 18:00 701 First Ave. N., Minneapolis, 612.332.1775. -Erik Thompson