Belitung Beach - Only Want to Die Old

Belitung Beach - Only Want to Die Old
Belitung Beach - Only Want to Die Old
I think I want to die of old age here. "A traveler from England, Rod Swift (61), pronouncing the words with a serious expression. His eyes never stopped looking at the natural charm of beaches on the island of Belitong.

Cape Kelayang is one of the beaches on the island of Belitong, Bangka Belitung Islands Province (official designation). Rod often visited since a few years ago and always find peace. Once smitten his heart at the K, to the point that he wanted to spend old age in there.

The scene on the beach was indeed tempting. Moreover, one afternoon last July was sunny. Blue sky-net. Outskirts of Cape Coast Kelayang covered with soft white sand. Sea water is clear. The color of blue-green-coated water-toska-like piece of surrealist painting by Spanish artist, Salvador Dali.
In the top left corner, huddled-gray granite stone that forms a unique cluster. Slightly out to sea, visible small island marked a similar huge granite bird's head. Local people call it the Bird Island.

Belitung Beach - Only Want to Die Old
At Cape Coast High, we'll find more thrilling charm. At the right end there is a smaller basin framed by granite boulders. In the basin, called the Port this room flowing endless beauty.

The left ventricle was adorned with piles of granite that juts into the sea. The middle of a stretch of clean white sand-like powder sugar. Some trees, with branches and twigs meandering, grow blindly but fitting.
On the right there is the composition of granite stone more. Stone's big, round, grayish, forming the composition of a surprise, but harmonious. On the sidelines of rocks, sea water and out, transfer rates are slow waves.

"Many people say, the beach is like a picture of paradise. I do not know, certainly this is the beauty of God's creation. I never tired of visiting here every weekend, "said Erdwin, a young man from Tanjung Pandan.

Belitung Beach - Only Want to Die OldBoon

Cape Coast Kelayang, Bird Island, and Cape High only part of the charm of nature on the island of Belitong. There are many other beaches are also attractive. The beaches were located in the coastline of the island facing the South China Sea.

Parallel to the two beaches, we can visit Bukit Pantai Berahu facing to the west. At sunset, a view cantik.Di middle of the sea, located about 22 kilometers from the coastline, there is the island of galangal. On this island stands a lighthouse built by the Dutch in 1883. If you climb to the top of the tower, we can let the views to the sea, staring lined the small islands, such as Bird Island, Pig Island, and the island of Hajj. Everything is filled with trees and a beautiful granite stone structure.

Not as popular beaches in K, some beaches in East Belitong also has its own charm. Call it, among other things, Bird Bath Beach, Beach Nyiur waves, or Beach Punai. All the beaches were also blessed with natural charm.

Local people have a story, supposedly the name of K, the old designation for the Pacific Islands, derived from the word "Bali is truncated". However, some tourists even argue the reverse, coast Belitong more captivating than Kuta or Sanur Beach in Bali.

"I visited many beaches in the archipelago. For me, the beaches on the island is the most beautiful Belitong, "said Frans Ahnan (56), man Manado origin who settled in Germany.
The beauty of sand, sea water, and granite on the island more attractive because it is wrapped in a natural atmosphere alias has not been much touched by human hands. If the opportunity to dive or looking to snorkel, we can enjoy the coral reefs that have different shapes and colors. That is home to various types of local fish.

"Lucky Belitong have this seelok beach. If in Europe, this kind must have invaded the beach people, "Frank said with shining eyes.

Belitung Beach - Only Want to Die Old
Belitong Island is actually easy to reach from Jakarta. The flight from Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Tanjung Pandan HAS Hanadjoeddin, K, only about one hour. The road from downtown to the beaches were close and had teraspal neat.

From Tanjung Pandan, Bukit Pantai Berahu located about 18 kilometers, Cape Coast Kelayang 25 kilometers away, and Cape Coast High is 30 kilometers. Unfortunately, until now no regular public transport to deliver passengers directly to the beaches it. Tourists have to rely on travel facilities by renting a vehicle from Tanjung Pandan.

Problem lodging facilities, may not be too worried. Some beaches, like in the Cape High, Cape Kelayang, and Hill Berahu, equipped hotel or cottages. On the Beach Kelayang, for example, there are Kelayang Beach Cottages. "Although the facilities are not luxurious, the atmosphere here peaceful, beautiful, and naturally," said Rudi Helwansa, the manager's cottage.

Tranquility, beauty and naturalness that made ​​many people fall in love on the beach in Belitong. The atmosphere was very reassuring, especially for people who get bored with the routine of city life. Naturally if there are travelers who want to die of old age in Belitong.

Belitung Beach - Only Want to Die Old
Belitung Beach - Only Want to Die Old