Another 50 great new bands for 2011- by Shell Zenner

Another 50 great new bands for 2011- by Shell Zenner
Not satisfied with a list of 50 new bands for you to check out for 2011, we just find you another 50. Well Shell Zenner has and he should know his show in Salford Radio is one of the best sources for up and coming bands in the UK. Tune in Thursday at 21:00 and Sundays at 17:00 on 94.4fm or or listen again on our website - click on listen again on either Thursday or event showed Sunday. I shows also air on WXLV Radio In Philadelphia, the United States two times a week.

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Following the WAR harder than top 50 tips on new bands for 2011 (the fantastic in their own right) I think I'll add more to the mix of the local arena, nationally and internationally!

Some may not be seen as a new music stalwarts like me, but this band really should be heard and that I believe will make waves in 2011 on indie and / or commercial music scene.

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50 more great bands for you to listen in 2011, in no particular order:

1.Slow Motion Shoes - If you think the pop was all Kylie then you are wrong, chilled and ambient pop dream of these people is well worth listening

2. Brown Brogues - accent their energetic low-fi materials are bound to get many fans at this year tizz

3. Young British Artists - The Manchester based on the four parts of fun in the distorted vocals, frenetic percussion

4. Spectrals - their sweet sounds of summer fuzzy indie pop is a must for 2011

5. Rodeo Massacre - 60's garage revival has made little late, and these people bang on trend

6. Boy & Bear - One of the Fleet and one part of the Local Natives. Sublime.

7. Esben and the Witch - Dark and very charming pop it not to be missed ..

8. Doyle & The Fourfathers - It takes a strong band to enter their brass according to, and these people are living proof that it works

9. Chapel Club - been a long time coming but the dark indie songs they love and loss will soon hit the shelves in the form of his debut album 'Palace'

10. Little Comets - The Geordie scamps indie release of their debut long and complicated play a live show with the line they also know full wash percussive instruments

11. The weight of Joy - The rocker grunge would be a sure fire attack when their debut album, A Great Way was released this month

12. Flashguns - No running, no mercy .. good quality indie music longer than this three talented people

13. Porcelain Raft - As dreamy blissed out, the band performed one person shows how the company

14. Trophy Wife - Funny rhythmic electro-pop with layered vocals shine

15. Patterns - Voice is considered Breathless and minimal from Pattern Is what makes them so special.

16. With the Knife - A post punk and electronica mash-up that gets under your skin in seconds.

17. The lisergat Suite - The gusto and arrogance from Kasabian with dark brooding guitar dirge BRMC. Interesting

18. Blind Atlas - With voice and stomping rock americana blues, these guys have it all ..

19. Veronica Falls - Part shoegaze, part pop, gothic sound of Veronica Falls contagious ..

20. Ringo Deathstarr - As one of the best band names around their offering My Bloody Valentine-esque volume and the giddy atmosphere

21. Miles Kane - Half a lesser known of Puppets Last Shadow sets the speed with energetic soul-rock sound ..

22. Smoke Fairies - Described by Mojo as lustful dark folk-blues, and who am I to argue?

23. Wolf People - Progressive rock blues folk and they are not afraid to play the flute ..

24. Fiction - A London four-piece with a sound eclectic indie electro-pop

25. Chief - A sense of romantic indie-folk with an amazing melody ..

30. Tamryn - Tamryn's ethereal vocals, distorted guitars and tons of reverb, amazing.

31. Two Wounded Bird - Some of rock's best surfing beaches around ..

32. Black Dove Experiment - This offer clothing alt rock songs packed full of synth, guitars and industrial beats

33. Dutch uncle - Eclectic offers indie-pop guitars and dreamy vocals restless

34. Aircraft - Soaring not a bang messy indie rock in the mainstream

35. Suns - Advocates surf garage rock with musicians Intricate and captivating vocals

36. Milk Maid - pop under management and low vibration trend-fi ..

37. Weird Era - works dreamy shoegaze and reverbed them on a number of levels

38. Suzuki / Methods - Those who produced my favorite EP of 2010 with a blast of electro-chaos without their indie-pop Soundclash ..

39. Boxer Rebellion - Not just technical, but if there is justice in the world of 2011 will be the year their energetic brand of indie-rock alternative. Love.

40. Island - they are fragmented and experimental sound is not afraid to break the limit ..

41. Golden Glow-A light and airy pop-shoegaze treat that fizzes with joy

42. Beat The Radar - No nonsense indie rock with a heart worn on his arm ..

43. Travelling Band - While their sound varies from psychadelia, through folk and blues to country, one is guaranteed that it will be enough.

44. Run Toto Run - sweet sweet vocals overlay electronic experimental pop disco

45. Daystar - An Uplifting and melody of the classic examples is a mess of indie rock

46. Sad Day For Puppets - shoegazey their indie-pop sound reminiscent of modern hybrid of C86 and Lush

47. The Screening - The Leicester four-piece indie rock offers anthemic and spirit ..

48. Arcadian Kicks - Mike Chapman produced their debut album offers a wide influence began as Fleetwood Mac and Blondie. Raw, energetic, real.

49. May 68 - Disco is back and clothes Manchester electro May 68 at the forefront return ..

50. The Lines - If the 2011 return of the bearer of guitar music, then people will be perfectly placed to take the mantle of one of the best new guitar bands